Pro-Biotics & Anti-Biotics

Make the right choices on antibiotics and probiotics to enjoy a strong immune system; Read on..




(IV) Probiotics & Antibiotics

Anti biotic literally means “anti-living organism”, they do not simply target the infection causing pathogen.

When ingested, they also destroy a huge part of the beneficial living organisms within us:

antibiotic effect

Our digestive system is composed of trillions of “little helpers” that have co-evolved with us over millions of years, without them, nearly all vital biochemical reactions within us will not take place

These beneficial bacteria or gut flora are responsible for over 80% of a healthy, efficient immune system and response.
The more you “pop the pills”, the more prone you become to future disease

Taking antibiotics unsettles and kills a large amount of these bacteria for long after the medical course has been taken. This prolonged disruption can lead the stage to further conditions such as asthma, cancer, and a myriad of auto-immune deficiencies


T H E R E F O R E:

1. Take antibiotics only when absolutely necessary!

2. During and shortly after the anti biotic course, support your diet with pure B-complex vitamins:

(B-complex vitamins are produced by the beneficial intestinal bacteria. If they are destroyed, it is wise to supplement your diet in the intake of such B-vitamins)

3. When ingesting antibiotics, eat powerful probiotic foods:

The “little yogurt pots” disguised as probiotics are mostly full of sugar & have a negligible amount of beneficial bacteria when compared to traditional pro biotic foods; (such as Sauerkraut & other fermented veg/raw foods)

(Click here for instructions on how to make your own probiotics)

4. Take plenty of water to help the liver flush the dangerous toxins and free radicals produced in the breakup of the antibiotics..

5. ..and if you didn’t buy antibiotics, take yourself out for a good meal instead!



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