Modern Poisons

List of the most dangerous foods (slow acting poisons) and their safe alternatives; Read on..



(III) Modern Poisons


Our health depends on what we consume on a daily basis, we inevitably reap the choices of our actions throughout the years.

You are what you eat & think – consume wisely

One major flaw nowadays is the assumption that within a civilised society, everything is well cared for and protected – including the wellbeing of it’s citizens, so it is assumed that anything available on the market is beneficial, or at least harmless..

However when a society is based on the wheel of finance, all is permissible:

Taking the common cigarette as an example, meant to deliver the nicotine active ingredient, has also been cleverly designed with thousands of other poisonous additives & chemicals (far deadlier than nicotine) which widen the blood vessels, speed absorption & maintain the nicotine within the body, making it a thousand times harder for smokers to quit.

free choice

Such business practice is not only unethical, but downright evil; the positive side is that when people realise this – they can think & decide for themselves:




Food is big business:

This image maps the main food producers & suppliers of the world, the product base is focussed on “foods” which are addictive, rather than nutritious, to keep the wheel turning as so to speak…

This image maps the main food producers & suppliers of the world. The product base is focussed on “foods” which are addictive, rather than nutritious, to keep the wheel turning as so to speak…

Throughout the years, we managed to eradicate certain diseases like polio and tuberculosis, however in “modern living” there has been a surge in heart disease, cancer, arthritis, child obesity, diabetes & infertility rates.

Surely what we eat on a daily basis must have something to do with these patterns; therefore:

Do not become a statistic – avoid these poisons at all costs!



Plain white sugar is sucrose – it is artificially produced, unlike Fructose (fruit sugar), Galactose (found in milk) and Glucose (blood sugar).

  • Sucrose is highly addictive, impairs the immune system for many hours after ingesting & contains no nutrients whatsoever.
  • The body wastes large amounts of energy in digesting this alien substance, vital minerals get drawn from bones to process it.
  • Sucrose easily converts to body fat.
  • Tooth decay, obesity, insulin resistance, high blood pressure, hypoglycemia, yeast infections, inflammatory bowel disease and the hardening of the arteries are some further health benefits of this wonderful food additive!

Most junk foods contain sucrose, they usually market as “low-fat” – (which really means added sugar).

Sweeteners aren’t a good alternative, in fact are worse off than sucrose

Hallucinations, seizures, brain tumors, enlargement of liver and kidneys, shrinking of the thymus glands, skin rashes, panic attacks, diarrhea, headaches, bladder issues, stomach pain are staple complaints & conditions linked with prolonged sweetener use.
Till this day, sweeteners have been largely left unresearched by the FDA.

 Good Sugars

Honey, Cinnamon, Pure Maple Syrup, Coconut Palm sugar & Molasses taste great and are excellent alternatives to Sucrose

HONEY, CINNAMON, PURE MAPLE SYRUP, COCONUT PALM SUGAR & MOLASSES not only taste great, but offer a variety of health benefits & nutrients

Artificial Fats



As there are various sugars there are also many fat types: All are very different from each other, do not let marketing campaigns make a taboo of this word.

Throughout the ages, our ancestors have relied on the intake of saturated fat as the primal source of energy

And suddenly – some brilliant businessmen with their hired researchers have decided to go against natural evolution and invent new fats.

They managed to convince the public that Mother Nature has provided dangerous fats which give obesity/cholesterol and these new industrial fats are the way forward, lets have a look at them:

  • Trans-fats
  • Hydrogenated fats
  • Partially Hydrogenated fats
  • Vegetable oils

These artificial fats are highly processed, a large amount of heat is utilised in the extraction methods, this damages & denatures these fats, rendering them very harmful to the body.

ants choose wisely

It takes more than a marketing campaign to fool the ants!

A note on cholesterol:

Cholesterol is present in every cell in the body, it repairs bodily & oxidative damage.

The body produces more cholesterol than you can eat in one day, so when you eat less cholesterol your body just produces more!

Rejecting cholesterol wont work, it is the quality that you are taking in which is important, (Natural vs Artificial). At times cholesterol levels might be high in the body, this could be indicative of other health problems (the body produces large amounts of cholesterol to fix damaged tissue).

Good Fats

Coconut / Sesame / Olive oils, Nuts, Pure butter & good quality Fish oil.

COCONUT / SESAME / OLIVE oils, NUTS, Pure BUTTER & good quality FISH OIL

Cooking with fats:
Coconut and Sesame oils are ideal for cooking as they do not denature at high temperatures, pure butter is equally good.

DO NOT COOK USING OLIVE OIL! All its benefits will be reversed if you do so.


Whole grains

The Agricultural revolution started 10,000 years ago, before that we thrived for much longer without the use of grains.

Complex carbohydrates are not a vital component to human health, they strain the digestive system (especially gluten), are acid forming, and the phytic acid within grains hinder absorption of vital nutrients.

Whole grains are not really an immediate danger to health, the effects are however pronounced clearly when taken frequently (as continuous grain intake leaches nutrients and minerals from our bones, & easily turns into fat).

There really is no alternative to grains – only good preparation, always chose whole grains and cook/ferment them well to reduce the phytic acid within them. Avoid bleached grains, dangerous chemicals are used in bleaching & nearly all the nutrients within become exhausted in the process.


Amazonian rainforest being displaced for soy farms

Amazon forests being displaced with soy farms

Soy contains very high levels of aluminum (poisonous) and phytic acid, thus blocking mineral absorption & leaching minerals from the bones.

Enzyme inhibitors and phytoestrogens within soy adversely affect the endocrine and thyroid systems, other symptoms of prolonged soy ingestion are birth defects, reproductive problems, and cancer.

One is amazed at the effectiveness of marketing, when it convinced large numbers of health conscious people to consume this tasteless, genetically-modified soy bean hull – after the bean itself was harvested for the meat industry as cattle fodder!



Caffeine is a biological poison used by plants as a natural pesticide, it is considered harmless simply because it is so widely used.

Caffeine delivers an artificial energy rush, but like sugar one comes crashing down soon afterwards, prompting the need for more caffeine. It can take up to 12 hours for the body to detoxify a single cup of coffee.

A vicious cycle and addiction soon develops, one starts craving caffeine and does not function normally without it.

High blood pressure, high blood sugar, acidity, insomnia, fatigue, decreased bone density and nervousness are a few of caffeine’s symptoms.

Easing Out…

icelandIt is understandable that people find it hard to switch to alternatives or discontinue ingesting these addictive “Modern Poisons”

It is not recommended to go “cold turkey”, better to make an easy transition & listen to your body in order to make a lasting, gradual change towards good health.

Luckily, fruit being our “Root Nutrition” contain many detoxifying elements which effectively free the body from addictive substances, in that way you help your body help itself rather than having a fully fledged mental fight with yourself!

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